Reptile surveys may be required for sites that support suitable habitat. Martin Ecology staff can survey for all reptile species that are most commonly found on development sites. These include:

• Grass snake
• Adder
• Common lizard
• Slow worm

Services we offer:

Presence / absence Surveys and Population Assessment
The aim of a reptile survey is to establish the presence or likely absence of reptile species on site. We use corrugated bitumen sheets, but also check the natural refugia (or reptile hiding / resting areas) already present on site. If reptiles are present, the aim is to then get an understanding of the reptile population of the site so that appropriate mitigation can be designed.

Reptile Mitigation Design and Implemenation
Martin Ecology staff have a wealth of experience in reptile mitigation techniques. Mitigation methods employed for reptiles often includes techniques such as supervised habitat destruction, trapping and animal translocation.